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Nagree Lipi
Proud Heritage of Sylhet

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Sikandar Ali is a legend in the Syloti Nagree Puthi-paath arena. He was a regular puthi-pathak of Sylhet Betar during 1966-1992. He was capable of reading Nagree verses in verious methods. An inhabitant of Atgaon Dewaner Chak under Khadimpara U.P of Sylhet and a pupil of Dakshinkach Zahiria School.

He graciously donated the printed copy of Haltunnabi. Nagree Fonts were finalized incorporating the revisions suggested by him. He checked the proof of Haltunnabi by conducting puthi-pather aasor. He knew many persons having Nagree books and manuscripts in their possession and with his assistance, links and request several books were collected.

Sikandar Ali (1917 - 2009)

Abdul Quadir is an active volunteer for searching Nagree puthis and manuscripts in and around his locality. He is an inhabitant of Fatehpur (Haripur) having his residence very near Well # 6 of the gas field.

He has amazing speed and stamina in walking and capable of crossing every terrain on foot. Whole of Sylhet sadar, Jaintapur, Kanaighat, Guainghat areas are his haunting places. Due to his approach, local dialects and innocence, he is acceptable to all villagers specially the ladies, which has helped him in locating Nagree books and manuscripts for our mission.

Abdul Quadir

An inhabitant of Pirer Chak under Khadimpara U.P

Mr. Baada is providing active support to the search team. He has a baby taxi which can ply through the village roads and he charges bare minimum for this drive.

He also remains updated with the information on Nagri books through his personal network people. Accordingly, nagree puthi collection drives are organized. He has become acquainted with the requirements of the mission and contributing his best.

Md. Ilas Ali (Baada)


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