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Nagree Lipi
Proud Heritage of Sylhet

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  Engineer Md. Abdul Mannan 
  Professional Engineer (BPERB), FIEB (Life), IEB



Field, Arena
Sylhet Nagree
  • Continued research on Sylheti Nagri
  • Search and collection of Nagri punthi, books, manuscripts from Interior villages
  • Development of Nagree Fonts
  • Transliteration and Compose Nagri books for Publication and Circulation
Energy Regulation
  • Electricity Transmission Tariff Regulations
  • Electricity Distribution Tariff Regulations
  • Grid Code
  • Distribution Code
  • Technical Quality Standards
  • Demand Side Management
  • Remote Area Power Supply System (RAPSS)
  • RAPSS Fund
  • Power Purchase from Captive Power Plants
  • SEDA Memorandum
  • Use of Pole by ISP and Cable TV Operators
  • Benchmark Tariff for Generation
  • Utility BST and Retail Electrical Tariff Cases
  • Tariff Rationalization and Reviews
  • Costing Sale of Electricity
Distribution Engineering
  • Design of Distribution System, REB and BPDB
  • Development of Technical Manuals
  • Feasibility Study, Engineering Analysis
  • Computerization of Distribution System Analysis
  • East West Electrical Inter-connector Project
  • Member, BSTI (for 5 Standards)
  • Standard & Specifications of Meters, XF and CFL.
Project Planning
  • PCP, PP (Project Planning BPDB, DESCO)
  • Revised TAPP of Power Cell
  • Project Extension Proposal, BERC
  • UHF Network
  • Prepaid Metering System, DESCO
  • Interface Metering System, IDA Project
  • Review and Revision of PBS Management Instruction Series -300
  • SBU Pilot Project, BPDB and DESA
  • Distribution Projects of BPDB and REB
  • System Loss Reduction Pilot Scheme, TEPSCO
  • Software Development and Operations
IT, Software
  • Computerized Billing System and Software
  • Engineering Software
  • Accounting Software
  • Management and HR Software
  • Good Governance
  • Sector Reform
  • HR Management and Development
  • Community Power
  • Operation and Maintenance



Let's be united, contribute professionaly and develop our Nation

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