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Nagree Lipi
Proud Heritage of Sylhet

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  Engineer Md. Abdul Mannan 
  Professional Engineer (BPERB), FIEB (Life), IEB

My Mission

  My mission is to develop myself as a perfect professional in the field of engineering and share knowledge and experience with colleagues to enrich each other and to lessen dependency on foreign dictations.  
  My mission is to serve the energy sector for its sustainability.  
  My mission is to establish good governance among the service providing entities defeating the traditional management through innovative tactics and automation.  
  My Mission for Sylhet Nagree is -  
  To revive Sylhoti Nagree and make this proud heritage familiar to the present generation.  
  To develop computer fonts and tools for digitization of Nagree resoruces of Sylhet and adjoining areas.  
  Continued serach for Nagree documents including puthi, prints or manuscripts.  
  To read the Nagree works, compose them with transliteration and supportive preface for publication and circulation.  






Let's be united, contribute professionaly and develop our Nation

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