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Nagree Lipi
Proud Heritage of Sylhet

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  Engineer Md. Abdul Mannan 
  Professional Engineer (BPERB), FIEB (Life), IEB

My Vision

  My vision for Bangladesh is one where every person enjoys freedom and equal rights, and where every person is free from poverty, hunger and illiteracy.  
  My vision for Bangali is one where everyone upholds our history, heritage, culture, customs and literature.
  My vision for Bangladeshi is one where the people truly love the motherland and work with integrity for her betterment keeping communal harmony.
  My Vision for Bangladesh is one where the government is truly democratic, obeys the constitution and eliminates corruption.
  My vision of social welfare is to support anyone who is dedicated for social development and parity.  
  My vision for Islam is one where every believer is a true Muslim.  
  My vision for Sylhet is one where everyone feels proud to be Sylheti and loves to see the beloved home-district ever glorious, prosperous and resourceful.  






Let's be united, contribute professionaly and develop our Nation

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